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Having been locally owned and operated for years, Freedom Flow Plumbing has cemented our position as the top plumbing company in Carbon County, PA. We’ve done that by being consistently committed to providing world-class customer service at affordable prices. You don’t have to worry about how much the job will cost as we ensure up-front and honest pricing. The professionally licensed plumbers who make up our team are among the best in their field. When you combine their knowledge with the cutting-edge tools that we equip them with, it’s no wonder that we are the most trusted plumbing company in the area.

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Does Your Water Heater Need to Be Repaired?

A total lack of hot water isn’t the only sign that your water heater isn’t working correctly. In fact, if things reach that point, you probably have a more significant issue on your hands. Perhaps you’ve noticed an inconsistent supply of hot water in your shower, or it seems as though it doesn’t take as long for your hot water to turn cold. If you’re experiencing these issues, you probably have a heating element that has malfunctioned in your water heater. It’s also not uncommon for you to start noticing that your hot water has a strong odor or is discolored. That generally stems from a broken anode rod. If you notice these issues, you’ll need water heater repairs in Carbon County, PA. Our plumbers in Carbon County, PA know how to service all makes and models of water heaters, ensuring that your home has the hot water it needs.

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Healthy Water, Healthy Family

Before the water in your home ever makes its way to you and your family, it goes through an extensive purification process. It’s important to note that the need for home water filtration systems in Carbon County, PA doesn’t mean that your water is unsafe. Home water filtration simply adds an added layer of purification. Even with the best purification systems in place, there is nothing wrong with making your family’s water even cleaner. There are a wide variety of home filtration systems on the market, and our plumbers in Carbon County, PA can discuss which one is the best choice for you and your family. Call us today to find out about all of our home filtration options.

The Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

Your drains are one of the unsung heroes of your home. Think about how many things pass through the drains of your home other than water. The food debris that comes off the dishes you wash, hair in the shower and even the soap you use leads to buildup inside your home’s drains. As that buildup continues to grow, it puts a significant amount of stress on the waterlines that make up your plumbing system. The bottle of drain cleaner that you can purchase at your local big-box retailer simply cannot do the job as well as our plumbers in Carbon County, PA and the world-class tools they have access to. Find out today how our drain cleaning in Carbon County, PA can benefit your home.

The Need for Sump Pumps

If you’ve ever lived through a flood or seen photos of the type of damage that water can cause, you realize that it’s important to quickly remove water that finds its way into your home. The longer that water is in your home, the more significant the damage can become. Not only do you have to worry about the growth of mold and mildew, but water can destroy flooring, drywall and even the structural integrity of your home. A sump pump installation in Carbon County, PA ensures that if water gets in, you can quickly get it back out.

Understanding Leak Detection and Repair

Trying to find the water leak in your home can be nearly impossible, especially if you don’t have access to the right tools. Fortunately, our plumbers in Carbon County, PA are equipped with the most modern tools in the industry, allowing them to locate a water leak inside your walls simply by finding the source of the sound. They can also use infrared technology if it is discovered that your leak is under the concrete slab foundation of your home. Once the leak is located and isolated, the plumber we send to your home can advise you on the best option to repair it. We provide leak detection and repairs in Carbon County, PA at affordable prices, so contact us today.

For years, when people in Carbon County, PA have thought about plumbing needs, they’ve immediately thought of Freedom Flow Plumbing. There’s a reason for that: We have built a reputation for fast, reliable service at affordable prices. No matter what type of plumbing service you need, call (570) 483-9194 today and find out how we can serve you.

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