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Not everyone who carries a pipe wrench is equally equipped to solve your plumbing issues. Finding the best plumbers in Wayne County, PA is an important part of ensuring that your home’s plumbing systems operate correctly and efficiently at all times. Our company has been locally owned and operated since 2008, and with that comes a level of dedication to our friends and neighbors that cannot be overstated. The plumbers at Freedom Flow Plumbing are fully committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every job that they perform. In addition to being committed to your satisfaction, we also pledge to offer upfront and honest pricing to ensure that you are never surprised with any hidden costs or fees.

For an expert plumber in Honesdale, PA and the greater Wayne County, call Freedom Flow Plumbing today: (570) 483-9194!

Protecting Your Pipes With Drain Cleaning

The numerous water lines that make up your Wayne County, PA home’s plumbing system all play an important part in getting water to your home and carrying wastewater away. When those pipes become clogged, your home’s plumbing system cannot work at its best. Fortunately, our plumbers in Wayne County, PA have access to the best tools in the plumbing industry that ensure that your drains are thoroughly cleaned. When minerals, food debris, hair, soap and other debris build up in your drains, it’s important that you have them professionally cleaned. Our team can ensure that the lines that carry wastewater away from your home are clear and operating at their peak. We offer drain cleaning in Wayne County, PA at affordable prices. 

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The Importance of Home Water Filtration

Your home water filtration system in Wayne County, PA does a lot to ensure that the water that enters your home is safe for you and your family. That’s a great thing since water is such an integral part of our daily lives. You drink it, you use it to cook, you need it to shower, brush your teeth and do your laundry. Even if there are water filtration systems put in place by your local municipality, there is nothing wrong with adding another layer of filtration in your home. Clean water is great and cleaner water is even better. Let the team of plumbers at Freedom Flow Plumbing discuss your home water filtration options with you and help you make a decision on the filtration system that is right for you.

Do You Need Water Heater Repair?

Your water heater relies on several components to make sure that your Wayne County, PA home has a steady supply of hot water. With so many moving parts, there is a lot that can go wrong. Fortunately, our plumbers are capable of repairing all makes and models of water heaters whether they rely on gas or electricity. An insufficient or irregular supply of hot water can often be attributed to a faulty heating element. Discolored or foul-smelling hot water generally means that something is wrong with your anode rod. A total lack of hot water generally stems from a faulty power source. Whatever the cause of your issues, the plumbers at Freedom Flow Plumbing can provide water heater repairs in Wayne County, PA.

Why Sump Pump Installation Is a Sound Investment

Your Wayne County, PA home is probably the largest investment that you’ve ever made. This means that protecting your investment is one of the wisest decisions that you can make. Sump pumps do just that. Installing a sump pump in your Wayne County, PA basement or other low-lying area of your home ensures that if water does find its way in, it gets removed quickly. This not only protects the structural integrity of your home, but it also prevents the presence of any bacterial growth. Sump pumps increase your home’s value, too. If you view your home as an investment, consider a sump pump as a way to increase your investment’s value.

Finding and Fixing Leaks

Leak repair and detection in Wayne County, PA is an important part of keeping your home’s plumbing system running the way it is meant to. While some plumbing leaks make themselves obvious, such as constantly running toilets, dripping faucets and puddles of water under kitchen and bathroom sinks, other types of leaks are harder to detect. Fortunately, we train our plumbers in Wayne County, PA on how to use listening devices that can detect water leaks inside your walls and infrared tools that can find hot water leaks under the slab foundation of your home. We can find and fix your leak, regardless of where it is in your home.

Freedom Flow Plumbing has been meeting the needs of our friends and neighbors in Wayne County, PA for years. Today, we are just as committed to dependable, affordable service as we were the day this company was founded. Whether you’re looking for plumbing maintenance, plumbing repair or new plumbing installation services, call us at (570) 483-9194 to find out how we can serve you.

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