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Locally owned and operated Freedom Flow Plumbing is known for doing reliable oil-fired heating system repairs in Scranton, PA. Over the course of our company’s history, we’ve cemented our position at the top of the heating industry in our area. Our commitment to honest and transparent pricing has created a positive relationship between us and our customers. Because we have a satisfaction guarantee, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the job is done the right way. It’s not done until you’re happy with the result. No matter what is going on with your oil-fired heating system, we’ll find the best solution. Our technicians are professionally licensed and trained on how to fix issues and get your home’s heating working correctly.

How Do Oil-Fired Heating Systems Work?

Many people don’t fully understand how an oil furnace in Scranton, PA actually works. Typically, these systems produce heat in one of three ways: radiators that rely on steam to heat your home, hot water passing through baseboards, or warm air being pushed through your home’s vents. The system operates similarly to traditional HVAC systems in the sense that you set the desired temperature on your thermostat, and when it recognizes that the home has gone below that temperature, the oil-fired heating system will engage. When the oil burner engages, the heating oil will travel to the burner from the tank, where it becomes a fine mist mixed with air.

Systems that rely on radiators or hot water in a baseboard are considered water based while the other option is a system that pushes the warm air through the vents in your home. Even though the systems may work in different ways, our technicians are familiar with all of them. Whatever issue you are experiencing, our team of professionally licensed technicians can find the issue and get it fixed for you.

Do you have an oil heating system that needs work? Call us today for professional oil furnace repair in Scranton, PA: (570) 483-9194!

Common Oil-Fired Heating System Issues

Some issues are simply more common with an oil boiler in Scranton, PA than others. Thankfully, we understand those typical problems as well as the more obscure malfunctions. The technician we send to your home will be trained on how to repair all makes and models of oil-fired heating systems. One of the most common problems that these systems face is a clogged nozzle. If you begin noticing smoke coming from your burner, strange smells, or strange odors coming from the system, it may be something as simple as a nozzle that has become clogged with dirt and debris. Other common issues include systems that cycle on and off too often or a system that simply will not fire. 

Simply the Best Heating Repair Services

If your oil-fired heating system isn’t operating correctly, you want it fixed quickly, effectively, and safely. Those goals are the same ones that our technicians will have when they arrive at your home. Call Freedom Flow Plumbing today at (570) 483-9194 to make an appointment for an oil-fired heating system repair in Scranton, PA. We’re standing by to restore the heat to your home.

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