3 Ways Your Water Heater Could Cause Higher Than Necessary Energy Bills

When the snow piles up outside, it feels so good to take a long, hot shower. You know the energy bill will increase in winter, but is it going up too much? If you have noticed that the electric or gas bill is higher than expected, it may be time to look at your water heater. Here are three ways your water heater could be causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

1. Temperature Set Too High

Your water heater might be set to the manufacturer’s temperature. Many manufacturers will put the water heater’s temperature at 140 degrees. Many homes only need that temperature set at 120 degrees. When a water heater is set too high, it can cause a massive jump in energy costs for your home. A higher temperature on your water heater can cost you $30 to $70 more per year.

2. Aging Water Heater

While water heaters are more efficient than in the past, they will not last forever. In many cases, these units have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After that, you will start to notice a loss in efficiency. The lifespan is shorter for those with a gas-powered water heater, which can last six to eight years.

To know your specific unit’s age, look at the serial number. Any water heaters older than 10 years old will need to be replaced. Age is not the only factor in determining a replacement. Leaks and rusts are some signs you need to buy a new water heater for your home.

3. You Don’t Have the Right Size for Your Home

If you don’t have the right size water heater, you are paying for heated water that you will not use. Water heaters that are too large can lead to higher energy bills. Generally, you need 40 to 60 gallons for a family of four. For those with more people in the home, you should have a water heater that can heat 60 to 80 gallons.

On the other hand, a smaller-than-normal water heater would leave you without enough hot water. Smaller water heaters will become overworked, needing more maintenance and repairs. A water heater service company can help you find the right size for your home.

Find a Solution to Your Water Heater Issues

Some households in Scranton look at their energy bills and don’t know how to reduce them. In some situations, the water heater could be the culprit of those higher-than-normal costs. Call us at Freedom Flow Plumbing for a full inspection of your existing water heater or to install a new unit for your home.