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4 Common Plumbing Problems to Expect in Older Homes

Originally settled in 1815, Clifton Township, PA is home to many older houses. Owning an older home can allow you to enjoy the unique architecture of the building and features that are not always present in new builds. Unfortunately, there are certain types of plumbing issues that can also develop due to the old age of the pipes. Here are a few of the common plumbing problems that may occur and will need to be repaired with the help of a plumber.

1. Broken Sewer Lines

Broken sewer lines are common in older homes due to tree roots that start to grow over the years and eventually begin to break the pipes. The tree roots are often attracted to the moisture that is present in sewer lines, which can lead to issues on your property.

2. Issues With Drains

Your drains may back up a lot due to several decades of gunk and scum that has accumulated. The drains and toilets are at a higher risk of clogging due to the significant amount of waste that has been flushed down over the years. When this occurs, it can lead to flooding in different rooms of the home. You’ll need to hire a professional plumber from a company like Freedom Flow, which serves Luzerne County, Monroe County, Lackawanna County, Wayne County, Carbon County, and Pike County.

An expert can diagnose the issue and use a snake and other professional equipment to dislodge the clog and restore the operation of the drain. They can also clean out the drain to prevent the problem from developing again in the future.

3. Galvanized Pipes

If your home was built before the 1960s, you likely have galvanized pipes on the property. You may encounter low water pressure, discoloration with the water, and pipes that erode due to a lot of zinc that covers the iron materials. This may require replacing some of the pipes to improve the function of your plumbing system and avoid future issues.

The pipes can also start to shift downward, which causes them to affect the water flow and cause pools of water to accumulate. You’ll notice a lot of stoppages and clogs developing more frequently.

4. Bad Installation and Repairs

A lot of plumbing problems can also develop due to poor installation of the pipes and fixtures. Repairs that weren’t performed correctly can also lead to plumbing issues and will require hiring a professional to fix the problems to prevent them from continuing.

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