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4 Important Questions to Ask a Plumber

When you own a home, you should have the contact information of a professional plumber in the local area to ensure you can reach out for their services at any time. It’s also necessary to get their guidance and instruction when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask a professional plumber to avoid mistakes and improve the quality and condition of the pipes on your property in Scranton, PA.

1. Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

It can be confusing to understand if chemical drain cleaners are safe to use, considering how popular they are and how easy they are to find. Most plumbers will tell you to avoid using these drain cleaners, which are known to be abrasive and can cause damage to the pipes. There’s a reason they typically have multiple warning labels and why they’re dangerous to use around children and pets in the home.

Instead of using these products, opt for hiring a professional to perform drain cleaning to improve your water drainage. Look for a reputable company like Freedom Flow in Scranton, PA. We serve Scranton and the surrounding areas.

2. Why Does Our Hot Water Run Out Quickly

It’s common to feel as if there’s never enough hot water in residential properties in Clifton Township, especially when the temperature drops in the winter. The lower element of your water heater may not be working correctly. If the top element is malfunctioning, you may not have any access to warm water or heat. A professional can inspect your water heater to diagnose the issue and repair it to ensure your hot water is restored.

3. Why Are My Toilets Running?

The age of many homes in Clifton Township means toilets are older and more likely to run throughout the day and night. Running toilets occur when the flapper fails to close, which is a quick fix if you jiggle the handle for several seconds. If this doesn’t correct the issue, you’ll need to replace the flapper to ensure it closes properly.

4. What Items Are Safe to Put Down the Garbage Disposal?

Although garbage disposals are designed to be robust and powerful, they can still encounter issues if the wrong items are washed down the drain. Soft foods like eggs, cooked vegetables, and soup are safe to put into the garbage disposal. Avoid placing meat down the drain, which can lead to clogs. Bread and pasta should also be kept out of the disposal because they can expand in water.

Reach out to our team at Freedom Flow in Scranton, PA today to learn additional plumbing tips. We’re here to assist you and keep your plumbing system running properly.