Drain Cleaning in Moscow, PA

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About Drain Cleaning

At Freedom Flow Plumbing, we’re proud to be considered one of the top plumbing companies serving Moscow, PA. We’ve always dedicated ourselves to providing world-class customer service at affordable prices. To continue offering some of the best plumbing services in this area, we maintain access to the latest technology in the plumbing industry. For instance, cameras are now an integral part of the drain cleaning process. These small devices can be fed through the drains of your home while the images that they capture appear on a screen that the plumber views. Once the source of your drain clog is identified, our plumbing team can remove the issue and clear the pipe.

Understanding Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning in Moscow, PA goes far beyond simply pouring a gallon of store-bought cleaner down the drains of your home. Before even considering this, you should bear in mind that those products can damage your pipes. While these chemicals may be able to remove a small amount of buildup at or near the surface, the need for drain cleaning goes much deeper. Backed-up drains lead to several convenience issues. No one wants to have to wait for water to drain from their sinks and showers. If your drains become more clogged, you may begin to notice strong odors emerging. When clogs become severe enough, they can lead to ruptured lines, causing an entirely new set of issues and plumbing emergencies. That’s why it’s so important to schedule drain snaking in Moscow, PA.

Drains may become clogged from a variety of debris. For instance, the drains in your kitchen are often tasked with the removal of food debris, grease and other non-soluble substances. When those substances reach a bend in your home’s drains, it’s easy for them to get stuck. You may have decaying food or other substances blocking your plumbing. Ideally, those substances would simply wash through your lines. Armed with a tiny camera, one of our plumbers can take a deeper look into the drain and figure out what and where the blockage is. Once the substance and its location are identified, the plumber we send to your home will figure out the best way to remove it.

Unclogging Toilets and Bathtubs Too

Backed-up toilets are unpleasant at best. At worst, they can create a serious plumbing emergency. Fortunately, we offer services that revolve around toilet snaking in Moscow, PA. The most glaringly obvious suspect for clogging a toilet is human waste. While no one wants to discuss the concept, it’s a very real threat to your home’s drainage. If that was the only thing that ever passed through your home’s sewage system, the threat would be real enough, but there is even more. Toilet paper, while soluble, can create serious blockages. When you combine that with hygiene products that often find their way into our toilets, the potential for blockages is immense. A toilet that is backed up can lead to all sorts of problems. Horrible odors that take over your home may actually be the least of your worries. If the lines that go from your toilet and flow under your home burst, they can do serious structural damage to your house.

Of course, shower and bathtub drains can easily get clogged by many different culprits. You can look into the drain of your shower or bathtub and see hair. When you wash your hair, it’s unavoidable that some of it rinses away. When it does, there’s nowhere for it to go but down the drain with the running water. Furthermore, many people don’t realize the damage that soap can do to their home’s drains. Since traditional bars of soap are made up of what essentially amounts to fat or oil mixed with an alkali, it can cause a blockage in your tub or shower drain. With so many threats to your home’s drains, it’s no wonder that you need someone who can handle a clogged drain in Moscow, PA.

Choosing the Best Drain Cleaning Company

When you’re in the market for professional drain cleaning services, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want a company that can get to your home quickly and do the job effectively without overcharging. We’re conscientious, fully licensed and committed to excellence. Besides that, we promise up-front and transparent pricing. Freedom Flow Plumbing is the drain cleaning company that you’re looking for. Call us today at (570) 309-3199.