image of a sink being repaired

4 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Overlook

Your plumbing system channels large quantities of waste out of your home. Maintenance is critical to keeping the system efficient. Ensure you tick off these four maintenance tasks from your checklist.

1. Inspect Plumbing System for Leaks or Corrosion

Leaks can waste water and encourage rusting inside the pipe. The sink and garbage disposal are some areas of your plumbing susceptible to leakages. That is because they are almost always in use for daily choresInspect the strainer and the p-trap under the sink for leaks. Ensure there is no clogging and tighten loose connections. Disassemble the p-trap and clean it to remove any remaining residue.

Also, check for leakages and corrosion on pipes and faucets. Faucets often fail, and they are the most common plumbing repair issue.

Leaking faucets can waste thousands of gallons per year. If you spot aging pipes or fixtures, fix or replace them to save on utility bills and future repair costs.

2. Check and Troubleshoot Water Pressure Problems

Low water pressure could be a sign of several plumbing problems. Sometimes the issue is with a partially closed water valve obstructing the water flow. If some fixtures have low pressure, ensure the shut-off valve is completely open.

Another potential culprit for low water pressure is a faulty pressure regulator. The purpose of the device is to maintain the pressure to prevent pipe or appliance damage. You may try adjusting it or call a plumbing service if it is faulty.

Low pressure could also be a sign of plumbing leaks or corrosion. The hard water in Lackawanna County, which includes Clifton Township, may accelerate the accumulation of sediments in the pipes. Professional plumbers will utilize advanced leak detection techniques to check for leakages in your plumbing.

3. Inspect the Toilet for Leaks

A running toilet can also waste thousands of gallons of water annually. Remove the lid and examine the flow of water. If it keeps running after flushing, you may need to schedule repairs.

Toilets also tend to leak from the base of the seat. Check if it’s leaning to one side. If you can spot pools of water around it, the seal will need a replacement.

4. Schedule Routine Cleaning to Eliminate Slow-moving Drains

Fix slow-moving drains from the sink and bathroom, as they often get blocked from soap and grease clogs. Schedule drain cleaning annually to remove any scale buildup or root infiltration inside the drain pipe. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners and use a plumbing auger instead.

Annual drain cleaning minimizes incidences of clogging without damaging the pipe. Standing water can develop due to frequent blockages. Cleaning the drain eliminates microbial infestation and prepares your plumbing for the coming seasons.

Our plumbing team recommends fixing issues as soon as you spot them to eliminate unnecessary expenses. We have over a decade of experience providing top-notch solutions to the surrounding community. Contact Freedom Flow Plumbing for affordable and dependable plumbing service in Scranton, PA.