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6 Top Tips for Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping up on your maintenance is a great way to make sure you don’t deal with a major plumbing issue. These six simple tips can help you spot problems when they are still easy to fix. Make this a normal part of your spring cleaning in Scranton, PA, and you will save yourself a headache.

1. Check for Leaking Pipes

Most major leaks started out as a small issue. Make it a habit to check your pipes every year. Go around your sinks and appliances and check all exposed plumbing. If you see any signs of moisture, it may be time to have the seals checked by a professional plumber. Also, be sure to check the pipes that supply and drain appliances like your washer and water heater. Since we do get freezing temperatures here in Scranton, check for hairline cracks that can come from pipes freezing and thawing.

2. Install Strainers

Every drain in your home should have a strainer. Make sure all your sinks, tubs, and showers have a strainer to catch food particles and hair. This can save you from having to pay to have your drain snaked later.

3. Check Your Toilet

One of the quieter leaks in the home can develop between the toilet tank and bowl. Dye the water in the tank with a few drops of food coloring when you know you won’t use it for about an hour. If you see any colored water in the bowl when the toilet hasn’t been flushed, you will know that you need to replace the seals.

4. Fix Leaking Faucets

Constant dripping from a leaking faucet can be a major annoyance. It can waste much more money than you think. It is easy to replace the seals in your faucets with nothing more than basic tools and parts. Just make sure you turn off the water first!

5. Check Your Water Heater

Your water heater worked hard during the winter, so spring is a great time to check it for leaks. Make sure your heater is no hotter than 120 degrees and be sure to flush the sediment. If you see any leaks, be sure to call a plumber to service your water heater. If you have an old water heater, it may be time to replace it.

6. Check Outdoor Plumbing and Sump Pumps

It is easy to forget your outdoor plumbing like sprinklers and your sump pump. Be sure to check them. Outdoor plumbing is easily damaged. You will also want to check any insulation to make sure it is still protecting your pipes. We do get hard freezes here in Scranton, so always check for damage.

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