How to Avoid Clogged Drains During Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving brings friends and family together, and it’s a time when we can appreciate all that we have. When you’re having people over, the last thing you want is a problem with your plumbing. Keep reading to learn about how you can avoid having to deal with clogged drains this Thanksgiving.

Dispose of Grease Properly

In Scranton, so many home cooks are able to come up with delicious dishes to serve during Thanksgiving. It’s likely that these dishes are being cooked with oil or butter since as the saying goes, “fat equals flavor.” When you need to discard leftover oil, be smart about it.

Don’t put fats, oils, or grease down the kitchen sink. This could clog your drains. Instead, you should pour it into a container and then throw the container away. You could also allow the oil or fat to cool down and congeal. Then, you can spoon it out and throw it out.

Use a Screen in Your Shower

Having houseguests means that a lot of people are going to be taking showers at your place. To make sure hair doesn’t clog up the shower drain, use a mesh screen that can catch that hair.

Clean your Bathroom Drains

Bits of food, pieces of floss, hair, and other things can easily clog up a bathroom sink. Fortunately, the pop-up stopper can collect those items before they travel any further down your pipe. Over time, the “gunk” can build up and prevent the sink from properly draining. To keep everything flowing, clean your stopper every now and then. If you need help with this, the team at Freedom Flow would be happy to come by and assist you.

Be Gentle With Your Garbage Disposal

Many homes in the small community of Clifton Township have garbage disposals. This helps kitchen sinks process items that may have otherwise clogged things up. Remember, though, that a garbage disposal isn’t a replacement for an actual garbage can.

Instead of putting chunks of food or anything plastic down the drain, throw them away. This will make it less likely that your garbage disposal will experience trouble. If it does have issues, it may be best to call on a professional for help. At Freedom Flow Plumbing, we can clear your drain and see what’s going on with your disposal.

Reach Out if You’re Noticing Continual Problems

With everyday routines, some households in Clifton Township will have clogged drains. If something happens but then is resolved quickly, it might not be an ongoing concern. If you continue to notice issues with a particular sink, toilet, or shower, there could be an underlying issue that we can get to the bottom of.

These tips should help you pull off a successful Thanksgiving. Call us at Freedom Flow Plumbing if you’d like us to check things out or deal with a pressing situation.