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Setting Your Water Heater on “Vacation Mode” Before Your Next Trip

Fall is officially here, which means the holidays are just around the corner. Before you head out of town to visit family, make sure to set your water heater on “Vacation Mode.” Here are a few reasons why you should do this before any trip that lasts for three days or more.

Reduces Energy Consumption

A water heater on its vacation setting will lower the temperature of the water but remain operational otherwise. This allows the unit to consume less energy, which saves you money and is helpful to the environment. On the other hand, keeping the water heater on its normal setting would force you to pay for the energy used to heat water that nobody’s home to use.

Protects Pipes From Freezing

When water freezes in your pipes, the expanding ice can cause cracks and eventual leaks in your plumbing. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your water heater turned on if you’re traveling during the winter months. However, it can be expensive to heat unnecessary amounts of water. Fortunately, the vacation setting heats water just enough to prevent freezing while still conserving energy, and it also keeps water flowing throughout your home’s plumbing.

Prevents Mineral Buildup

Water heaters are notorious for developing sediment buildup, which forms when hot water chemically separates trace minerals from hard water. Naturally, lowering the temperature of the water will prevent the chemical separation from happening in the first place. In most cities, the water supply will contain some minerals, so most water heaters will accumulate a residue of sediment over time. By turning on your water heater’s vacation setting, you can help reduce the buildup and subsequently keep the device running efficiently. Eventually, doing this will contribute to the longevity and performance of your unit.

How to Use Your Water Heater’s “Vacation Mode”

“Vacation Mode” can be engaged in different ways depending on the age and manufacturer of your unit. If your water heater has a dial, you can simply turn it to the setting labeled as “VAC,” returning it to its original position once you’ve come back from your trip. For units with a digital thermostat, scroll through the menu until you find the vacation setting. If your water heater doesn’t have a vacation option, you can still manually lower the temperature inside the tank by adjusting the thermostat. For this last method, aim for a temperature range that’s around fifty degrees lower than normal.

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