What Is Water Heater Maintenance and Why Is It Important?

While all Pennsylvania water is harder than most other states, those in Clifton Township, PA, suffer from even harder water than most of the state. This hardwater can easily clog water lines and cause white scaling on all of your faucets and showerheads. Taking the time to perform maintenance on your water heater can help to reduce its risk of experiencing a clog due to hardwater buildup.

What Is Water Heater Maintenance?

Your water heater is likely a component of your home that you don’t think much about. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t properly maintain their water heaters. It’s crucial that you take the time and effort to perform regular maintenance on your water heater or pay a professional to do so to extend its overall lifespan.

Water heater maintenance includes various steps, all aimed at enhancing its efficiency. First, it’s best to turn your water heater completely off before you do any maintenance work. You’ll want to flush the existing water in your tank into a drain or bucket. This process will likely take about 20 to 25 minutes.

At first, you’ll notice nasty sediment buildup in your bucket, which is what you’re looking to flush out. You want to keep draining your water heater until the water comes out completely clear. By flushing out these loose sediments, you can help to reduce the risk of hardwater buildup blocking your water lines in the future. You’ll want to go through this flushing process every six months.

What are the Benefits of Annual Water Heater Maintenance?

Whether you do maintenance on your own or you call Freedom Flow in Clifton Township, PA to do water heater maintenance for you, your family will enjoy the many benefits of doing so. First, you can drastically reduce your risk of experiencing a clog in one of your hot water lines due to hardwater scaling. Maintenance is also a great way to help extend the lifespan of your water heater.

As water is piped into your hot water heater, there are various sediments that can start to form on the inside of your water heater. This can reduce your water heater’s efficiency and cost you more money on electrical bills. When you perform regular maintenance on your water heater, you can ensure your water heater is working at its most optimal efficiency level. Also, you can help to prevent unwanted corrosion due to mineral buildup inside of your tank.

You need to think of your water heater just like your other household appliances, like your HVAC system. It needs to be properly maintained every six months to ensure its efficient operation and longevity. If it’s time for your semi-annual water heater maintenance, be sure to contact Freedom Flow today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.