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When to Call For Emergency Plumbing Service

When it comes to your plumbing, you can probably unclog a drain, tighten a screw or replace an O-ring here and there. However, there are problems that you really should not try to handle on your own and require the expertise of a professional. Such a professional has the skill sets and the equipment and tools needed to fix a problem and not make it worse. Here are some emergency situations where a plumbing pro is needed.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe pouring gallons upon gallons of water in a short time is definitely an emergency. The risk of a burst pipe is especially high during the winter, when water in the pipe freezes, expands and bursts it. You’ll need to find the main shut-off valve to stop the water flow, and call a plumber immediately.

Failed Water Heater

You’ll be out of hot water if the water heater fails, but that’s not the worst of it. A neglected water heater can have a build-up of rust and limescale to the point where it bursts and causes a flood. Not only this, but if you have a private well and a pump, the unceasing flood of water can cause your well pump to burn out.

Leaking Gas

Many people are surprised to learn that the gas lines in their homes are maintained by plumbers. You’ll know you have a gas leak because you’ll smell gas and may notice sounds such as hissing near the gas line. You might also have physical symptoms such as dizziness, nosebleeds and headaches. A gas leak is not only an emergency, but you may have to leave your house until it’s fixed.

Unfixable Clogs

Drains clog all the time, but if your attempts to clear them don’t work, suspect something is going on that only a plumber can fix. Tree roots can infiltrate your drain, waste, or vent pipe and clog it to the point where a pipe-shaped obstruction of tiny roots forms. In time, it can also burst the pipe. Suspect this kind of clog if every fixture in your house takes forever to drain, if you see puddles in your lawn or if the water in your sinks and tubs bubbles.

Sewage Back Up

The smell of a sewage backup is horrible. Even worse, the contaminants it contains it can sicken you and members of your household. The drains in your home will also back up, and you may notice things like dirty water pouring up from your bathtub drain when you do the laundry.

Learn More About Emergency Plumbing

If you ever have to turn off your main water line, you should consider that a plumbing emergency and get in touch with us at Freedom Flow of Scranton, PA. Our experienced and skilled plumbers are experts at fixing all plumbing emergencies, whether in residences or commercial buildings. Besides emergency calls, we provide drain cleaning, leak detection and re-piping.